Dither AI has a state of the art time series model that is trained on open source data from the Solana blockchain. We have benchmark scores on ETT that are ~50% better than Google’s TimesFM model benchmarks. We have deployed this model in the trenches of Solana/Crypto tokens, as SeerBot, in order to get user feedback and speedrun development.

SeerBot has two implementations: Standard and Premium BETA. Standard scans the entirety of Jupiter’s token list to parse low cap tokens which may be of interest. If it believes there is a high probability of executing a successful trade on the token within the next 24 hours,it will send a signal. This is intended to filter tokens for traders so they have a shorter research period. The signals include information that aids traders during their research phase. It is not intended to act as a purchase request or “Call.”

Premium BETA is similar to our Standard implementation except we use our models to analyze large cap tokens on a longer timescale. When a token looks like it will present a good exit or a good entrance, it will be signaled. The trader needs to determine exactly where those exit and entrances are for every trade but Premium Seer is intended to remove the need to track every single token. Premium is soon to feature Forecasting which will be a “weather report” of what a trader may expect from the token price.

The SeerBot button below will take you to the Dither public telegram channel. From there, we have pinned messages to walk you through signing up for SeerBot. Standard access will require you to hold 2,500 DITH tokens. Premium access requires 50,000 DITH.